Monday, June 30, 2014

St. Peter and St. Paul

"Today the Lord repeats to me, to you, and to all... Follow me!  Waste no time in questioning or in useless chattering; do not dwell on secondary things, but look to what is essential and follow me.  Follow me without regard for the difficulties.  Follow me in preaching the Gospel.  Follow me by the witness of a life shaped by the grace you received in baptism...  Follow me by speaking of me to those with whom you live, day after day, in your work, your conversations and among your friends.  Follow me by proclaiming the Gospel to all, especially to the least among us, so that no one will fail to hear the word of life which sets us free from every fear and enables us to trust in the faithfulness of God. Follow me!"  ~Pope Francis, 6/29/14 Homily

Dear Jesus,
thanks to Your abundant grace,
today I will begin anew to follow You,
my Lord and my Master,
my life, my love, and my holy joy.

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