Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pope Benedict XVI on the Ascension of Our Lord

…The old manner of human companionship and encounter is over. From now on we can touch Jesus only “with the Father”. Now we can touch him only by ascending. From the Father’s perspective, in his communion with the Father, he is accessible and close to us in a new way. This new accessibility presupposes a newness on our part as well. Through Baptism, our life is already hidden with Christ in God -- in our current existence we are already “raised” with him at the Father’s right hand (cf. Col 3:1–3). Because Jesus is with the Father, he has not gone away but remains close to us. Now he is no longer in one particular place in the world as he had been before the “Ascension”: now, through his power over space, he is present and accessible to all -- throughout history and in every place.  ~Pope Benedict XVI in Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection

Nevertheless, I am continually with thee;
thou dost hold my right hand.  
~Psalm 73:23

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