Friday, April 4, 2014

Prayer and Friendship

"The Bible says that Moses spoke to God face to face, as a friend.  This is how our prayer must be: free, insistent, with arguments.  Even rebuking the Lord a little:  'You promised me this but you didn’t do it...', just like talking with a friend.  Open your heart to this prayer. Moses came down from the Mount invigorated: 'I have known more of the Lord,' and with that strength given him by prayer, he resumed the task of leading his people to the Promised Land.  Because prayer invigorates: it is invigorating.  May the Lord give us all this grace, because prayer is a grace."  ~Pope Francis, 4/3/14 Homily

Such is my beloved, and he is my friend.  ~Song of Songs 5:16

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