Saturday, April 5, 2014

Passion of Christ, strengthen me!

Strengthen me, by all you suffered, to bear pain and sorrow and separation and loneliness.  Strengthen me, by the endurance of your agony, to endure temptation.  Strengthen me when I am attracted or frightened away from our Father's will, when I am bored and tepid and apathetic.

Strengthen me not just to undergo passively but to bear with trust and courage and humility and love.  Let me make of my suffering a real sharing in your passion's satisfaction.

Strengthen me not only for myself but for others; for the strength of each one is the strength of all....

Strengthen me to see the entire reality of this life I share with you, its conflict with sin and its essential character of reparation and sacrifice, its communion with your whole mystical body, its dependence upon, and its fulfillment in, the Father's love.

Strengthen me to will with your humility, to give myself in sacrifice with your humble love, to suffer with and for your whole body in trustful humble love of our Father.

Passion of Christ strengthen me with the love and the life that is in the sacrament and sacrifice of your passion.  Make me live by and live in your Eucharist.

~H. P. C. Lyons, Praying our Prayers

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