Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"the power of the sainthoods"

Their sound hath gone forth into all the earth:
and their words unto the ends of the world.
~Psalm 19:4
"Communion of Saints" by Elise Ritter
"You go to your saint and find God working and manifest in him. He got near to God by some saint of his that went before him, or that stood beside him, in whom he saw the divine presence. That saint again lighted his fire at some flame before him; and so the power of the sainthoods animates and fills the world."  ~Phillips Brooks, 1835-1893
Thank You, dear Father, for the communion of saints!  Thank You for their shining example, their unwavering faith, their steadfast hope, their enduring love.  Thank You for their constant help and their abiding presence.  They are indeed our marvelous companions as we travel together through this vale of tears to You, our everlasting home.  Yes, Father, yes, we give You thanks for our brothers and sisters the saints!

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