Saturday, May 7, 2016

"Mary's conception was the origin of the blood of Jesus."

"My Savior, some will doubt the power of your blood.  Yet it is most fitting that the precious blood of the Son of the Virgin should exercise all its power upon her in order to honor the place from which it came.

"A holy bishop once said that Mary was like all men in that she was redeemed by the blood of her Son, but unique in that this blood was brought forth from her own body.  

"She has this in common with all the faithful:  that Jesus gives her his blood; she has this all her own:  that he first received it from her.  

"She has this in common with us:  that this blood was poured out upon her for her sanctification; but she has this as her own:  that she was its source.  

"We can even say that Mary's conception was the origin of the blood of Jesus.  It is from this source that the stream began to flow; the stream of graces that flows in our veins by the sacraments and that brings the spirit of life to the whole body of the Church.

"As fountains lift their bubbling waters to the same height from which they have fallen, so the blood of our Savior will cause its power to be lifted up even to the conception of his Mother to honor the place from which it first flowed."

~Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, 1627-1704

O Virgin Mother,
blessed above all others by your Beloved Son Jesus,
may we always honor, love and serve you
for the praise of His glory!
Amen!  Alleluia!

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