Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Within thy wounds, hide me..."

Hide me in your wounds, so that our Father may see me within your love and loving within your offering of love.
Hide me within your wounds, so that when I go about your work, it will not be I whom men see, not my petty grievances which I proclaim, but you, your suffering from and for sin, your offering for sin, your love.  Let me carry about in me as mine your dying, my Jesus, that your life also may appear in me and my life be as yours.
Hide me within your wounds, so that I do not see selfishly just my own sorrows and pain nor just the evil and suffering of the world, in isolation; but see it all within what you bore and took away, Lamb of God who bore the sin of the world.
~H.P.C. Lyons, SJ., Praying Our Prayers

By his wounds we were healed.  ~Isaiah 53:5

Within Thy wounds, hide me,
that it may be no longer I who live
but You who live in me,
O Beloved Jesus,
our sure and only hope of glory!

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