Thursday, April 21, 2016

Feast Day of St. Anselm

Ave Maria! Today we remember St. Anselm, the Father of Scholasticism. There are many fine articles about him on the Web, particularly here and here. Additionally, St. Anselm's Book of Meditations and Prayers is available on the Web. You will find it here in various formats, including Kindle. The following prayer of St. Anselm to Our Lady is a favorite of mine. I discovered it back in the early 80's and have prayed it often ever since. Ave Maria!

Mary, I beg you,
by that grace through which the Lord is with you
and you will to be with him,
let your mercy be with me.
Let love for you always be with me,
and the care for me be always with you.
Let the cry of my need,
as long as it persists,
be with you,
and the care of your goodness,
as long as I need it,
be with me.
Let joy in your blessedness
be always with me,
and compassion for my wretchedness,
where I need it,
be with you.

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