Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"imitate the Magi"

The star of the Magi is thus an inspiration in the heart.  Something unknown shines within you.  You are in the darkness and among dissipations, or perhaps even the world's corruption:  turn to the East, where the stars arise; turn to Jesus Christ, who is the Orient, where you will see arising like a star the love of virtue and truth.  Go forward then; imitate the Magi.  "We have seen his star, and we have come" (Mt 2:2).  We saw it, and we started after it.  To go where?  We still do not know.  We begin by leaving our homes.  You should leave the world itself, that world for which this new star, this chaste inspiration that burns your heart, begins to give you a secret distaste.

Go to Jerusalem; receive the light of the Church.  Go, leave behind your home, or rather, leave the place of your banishment that you take to be your home, because it is in corruption that you were born.  From your mother's womb, accustomed to the life of the senses, pass now to another region.  There you will find the doctors who will interpret the prophecies for you and help you to understand the plan of God.  And you will walk securely, thanks to their direction.  Learn to  know Jerusalem, and the creche of your Savior, and the bread that he prepares for you in Bethlehem.

~Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, 1627-1704

O Holy Child of Bethlehem,
to You I turn, to You I come --
my Star, my Sun,
my Everlasting Light!
Jesus, my Lord!
My God and my All!

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