Monday, November 30, 2015

"The Annunciation revealed Mary..."

Unforeseen occurrences that call upon us for immediate action reveal what we are.  The Annunciation revealed Mary....  Her midnight prayer interrupted by the salutation of an Archangel; the whole plan of her life reversed; a dignity without a parallel offered for her acceptance -- and her mind retains its balance undisturbed.  When this same Angel showed himself to Daniel, "there remained no strength in him, and he fainted away, and lay in a consternation upon his face" (Daniel 10).  Mary is troubled indeed for a little space, but at his words, not at his appearance.  She treats with him of the advent of the long-expected Messias, the Incarnation of the Son of God, the Redemption of the human race.  There is no surprise, no elation, no protestation of unworthiness.  Her sole thought is to ascertain the Will of God, and, when this is declared, to accept it with all it involves because it is His will.

~Mother Mary Loyola in Hail! Full of Grace

Dear Mary, so full of grace,
teach me your fiat ~ teach me your love.

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