Friday, June 5, 2015

True Humility

"Who can understand sins?  From my secret ones, cleanse me, O Lord."  ~Psalm 19:12

"It is false humility to believe ourselves unworthy of God’s goodness and to not dare to look to him with trust. True humility lies in seeing our own unworthiness and giving ourselves up to God, never doubting that he can work out the greatest results for and in us. If God’s success depends on finding our foundations already laid, we might well fear that our sins had destroyed our chances. But God needs nothing that is in us. He can never find anything there except what he himself has given us."  ~Rev. François Fénelon, French Roman Catholic archbishop, theologian, poet and writer, 1651-1715

Oh sweet Jesus, so meek and humble of heart, teach us true humility -- Your humility! -- lest we delude ourselves and dishonor You by our insidious pride.  Amen.

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