Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"this Heart that gave itself without measure and without limit"

Stained Glass Window, Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Houston, TX

"The Feast of the Sacred Heart is sweet to us because we have need of being loved, and we know that our Lord loves us.  But let us strive to understand that this great need of our hearts is also the need of all other hearts, even those that are apparently far removed from us, or that seem wicked to us....

"If we took advantage of this feast to think a while about this Heart that gave itself without measure and without limit, and if that could make us think about all the millions of hearts that our Lord wished to console, instead of being occupied all the time with ourselves and our needs, we would have a great desire to give instead of always expecting to receive; instead of suffering so much over not being loved enough, we would begin to suffer over not loving others enough. We would feel ourselves responsible for not disappointing all those about us; our selfishness would vanish without or even thinking about it.  And how easy this would be: all it would require would be our considering what our Lord considers.  Instead of seeking in piety, as in everything, to satisfy ourselves, we could and should consider the intentions of the Lord."

from Joy Out of Sorrow by Mother Marie des Douleurs

O Heart of Love,
infinite, immeasurable, unfathomable Love!
Let me consider what You consider,
let me suffer over not loving others enough!
O Jesus so meek and humble of heart,
make my heart more and more like Yours!

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