Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday of the Second Week of Lent

"Who when He was reviled did not revile."  ~1 Peter 2
Do I pray for grace to forgive what I cannot forget?
Do I practice self-control when I feel hurt?
Do I try to accept bitterness of speech with sweetness?
Do I make allowance for mistakes and misunderstanding, and strive to accommodate myself to those of a different character from my own?
Am I too exacting?
Am I ready to make sacrifices for the sake of peace?
Am I as quick to find excuses for others as for myself?
Am I royally merciful towards those I dislike, or who dislike me?
Do I make others impatient by contradiction?
Do I check in myself the spirit of criticism?
~Mother Mary Loyola, Hail! Full of Grace, "The Crowning with Thorns"
O King of Love and mercy,
reviled and put to scorn,
teach my Thy humble ways!

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