Sunday, March 8, 2015

Third Sunday of Lent

Stop making my Father's house a marketplace.  ~John 2:16

“God’s temple is holy,” and you are that temple: all you who believe in Christ and whose belief makes you love him.

Real belief in Christ means love of Christ: it is not the belief of the demons who believed without loving and therefore despite their belief said: “What do you want with us, Son of God?”

No; let our belief be full of love for him we believe in, so that instead of saying: “What do you want with us,” we may rather say: "We belong to you, you have redeemed us."

All who believe in this way are like the living stones which go to build God’s temple, and like the rot-proof timber used in the framework of the ark which the flood waters could not submerge. It is in this temple, that is, in ourselves, that prayer is addressed to God and heard by him.

Our Lord’s driving out of the temple people who were seeking their own ends, who came to the temple to buy and sell, is symbolic. For if that temple was a symbol it obviously follows that the body of Christ, the true temple of which the other was an image, has within it some who are buyers and sellers, or in other words, people who are seeking their own interests and not those of Jesus Christ.

But the temple was not destroyed by the people who wanted to turn the house of God into a den of thieves, and neither will those who live evil lives in the Catholic Church and do all they can to convert God’s house into a robber’s den succeed in destroying the temple. The time will come when they will be driven out by a whip made of their own sins.

The temple of God, this body of Christ, this assembly of believers, has but one voice, and sings the psalms as though it were but one person. If we wish, it is our voice; if we wish, we may listen to the singer with our ears and ourselves sing in our hearts. But if we choose not to do so it will mean that we are like buyers and sellers, preoccupied with our own interests.

~St. Augustine of Hippo, 354-430
Dear Jesus, help me, please!  Drive out the buyers and sellers within me, for they are many. Transform me into a true adorer such as the Father seeks, one whom worships Him in spirit and in truth, a living sacrifice of praise consumed by zeal and love for Him alone.  Amen.

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