Saturday, November 8, 2014

"letting himself be carried"

God-made-man has found his liberty in seeing himself imprisoned in Mary's womb. He had made his omnipotence shine forth in letting himself be carried by that blessed virgin. He has found his glory and his Father's in hiding his splendors from all creatures here below, and revealing them to Mary only. He has glorified his independence and his majesty in depending on that sweet virgin, in his conception, in his birth, in his presentation in the Temple, in his hidden life of thirty years, and even in his death, where she was to be present, in order that he might make with her but one same sacrifice and be immolated to the eternal Father by her consent, just as Isaac of old was offered by Abraham's consent to the will of  God. It is she who has suckled him, nourished him, supported him, brought him up, and then sacrificed him for us.  ~St. Louis de Montfort

Please, dear Jesus, give me the grace
to let myself be carried by Your Mother as You were.

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