Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fourth Sunday of Lent

At Mass today we hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus healing the blind man (John 9:1-41).  Reflecting upon this familiar Scripture passage, Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB notes:  "We sometimes describe our blindness as an inability to see the forest for the trees, but that is a rather simplistic analysis. More worrisome is the inherited blindness which so often assumes that there are no lessons left to learn. Arrogance is very often the root of our blindness. We need the miracle of restored sight each day." (read more here) 

How seriously do I take my blindness?  How willing am I to let Jesus heal me so that I may see Him who is the Truth and follow Him who is the Light?

"Until now I wandered in the hope of finding God, but since you enlighten me, O Lord, I find God through you and I receive the Father from you, I become your coheir, since you did not shrink from having me for your brother.  Let us put away, then, let us put away all blindness to the truth, all ignorance:  and removing the darkness that obscures our vision like fog before the eyes, let us contemplate the true God…since a light from heaven shone down upon us who were buried in darkness and imprisoned in the shadow of death, purer than the sun, sweeter than life on this earth.  Amen."  ~Saint Clement of Alexandria

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