Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Wednesday

We must plunge into the Paschal joy, a joy that rests on an absolutely sure foundation:  Christ is really reborn and because of Him we have hope for everything...

...let's understand what the Lord has promised:  He tells us:  "Seek the things of heaven, because I am reborn.  Do not look for me among the dead.  Do not return mournfully to the tomb to see that it is empty and that it contains only the shroud.  Do  not wait for the end of your trials; only wait until you conquer them victoriously.  Do not seek Me among your regrets, among the ruins of your human hopes; do not seek Me in the debris.  I will precede you.  I am before you, and where I have passed you too will pass, for I have asked My Father, who always grants Me what I ask, that wherever I am you too may be.  Have confidence.  I have conquered the world; and by your faith you too will conquer it; but do not expect to master it; do not expect what I have not promised:  honors and an easy life.  No, I have promised you My help, My very Life, to sanctify you.  Life on earth is merely transitory.  Without doubt, you should try to make it easier for your fellow man.  I Myself will uphold you in all your trials, and at every moment I am aware of what I am doing for you.  I ask you not to tarry in this passageway; place your hopes higher." 

~Mother Marie des Douleurs in Joy Out of Sorrow

Yea, Christ my hope is arisen!  Alleluia!

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