Monday, January 5, 2015

Being Instruments of His Peace

"Each person, and every people hungers and thirsts for peace; therefore, it is necessary and urgent to build peace! Certainly, peace is not only the absence of war, but a general condition in which the human person is in harmony with himself, with nature, and with others.... At the dawn of a new year, we are all called to rekindle in our hearts an impulse of hope, that should result in concrete works of peace, reconciliation, and fraternity. Each one, in his own role and responsibility, can accomplish gestures of fraternity in dealing with one’s neighbour, especially with those who are tried by family tensions or by disagreements of different kinds. These small gestures have great value: they can be the seeds that give hope, they can open paths and prospects of peace."  ~Pope Francis, 1/4/15 Angelus

Lord, may Your peace flow through us unto all creation.  Amen.

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