Monday, July 7, 2014

"The great method of prayer"

"Therefore, behold, I will allure her,
and bring her into the wilderness,
and speak tenderly to her."  
~Hosea 2:14

"The great method of prayer is to have no method at all. When the Holy Spirit has taken possession of the person who prays, it does as it pleases without any more need for rules or methods. The soul must be in God's hands like clay in the hands of a potter so that he might fashion all sorts of parts. Or the soul must be like soft wax to receive a seal's impressions, or like a blank tablet upon which the Holy Spirit can write the divine will.

"If, going to prayer, one can become pure capacity for receiving the spirit of God, that will suffice for any method. Prayer must happen by grace not by artfulness. Go to prayer by faith, remain there in hope and go out only by charity which requires simply that one act and suffer."

~St. Jane Frances de Chantal

Dear God, help me become pure capacity for receiving Your spirit.  Amen.

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