Monday, October 13, 2014

Mary, Star of the Sea

"Mary, Star of the Sea"
by Bro. Mickey McGrath, O.S.F.S.

"Mary, Star of the sea, guides all her faithful servants into safe harbor. She shows them the path to eternal life and helps them avoid dangerous pitfalls. She leads them by the hand along the path of holiness, steadies them when they are liable to fall and helps them rise when they have fallen. She chides them like a loving mother when they are remiss and sometimes she even lovingly chastises them. How could a child that follows such a mother and such an enlightened guide as Mary take the wrong path to heaven? Follow her and you cannot go wrong, says St. Bernard." ~St. Louis de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary

Dear Mary, Star of the Sea, pray for me, your little child!

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